Every challenge before you is a thought of separation, a shadow in your mind.

I AM the solution to your every challenge for I AM the light that casts away shadows to reveal the truth.

        - Your Inner Brilliance

Change from the Inside Out

If we react, circumstances control us. If we remain present, we gain the freedom to choose, and our experience becomes what we make it.

Nothing can disturb your peace without your permission. You have the power to change from the inside out.

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Be Still and Know

In life, we are never trying to get somewhere, for ultimately there is no where to go. We are always here.

We are never trying to make something happen, for in reality, infinite possibilities of divine good already exist, this moment now.

What we are really learning to do is align ourselves with the deeper reality that is this moment and awaken from the dream of a limited being.

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Free Your Inner Brilliance

When we withhold the light within us, it causes us to live in darkness (fear), believing the shadows of limitation we perceive are real (false evidence appearing real). We unknowingly blame the projections of our own inner darkness (that we see reflected in the mirror of the world) for hiding our light - which brings us sorrow.

When we bring forth the light within us, is casts away shadows of separation, lack, and limitation, revealing the omnipresent love and light of the divine - which brings us peace.

The choice is always ours - to shine or not to shine our light, to give or not to give our love, to be or not to be the truth.

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